Dear Editor,

I have a very reliable information on the SSHFC Vs Modou Camara. The board of director under the new chairman Papa Sering Jallow, unanimously took a decision to dismiss Modou Camara. The minister of finance Mambury advice for this to be changed to termination so that at least Modou Camara will have his benefits paid to him.

The letter was written and about to be issued when Modou Camara visited the statehouse and the Secretary General Habib Drammeh involved the president. The president was misinformed by SG on how the Board came to the decision, the president was further given advice to constitute an independent committee to look into the same issue, which was an illegal act. Letters were exchange between the board and the finance ministry about the illegality of setting up an independent committee.

This past Thursday the Chairman Of the board Papa sering Jallow held a meeting with the president in the presence of the secretary of cabinet Mr Ceesay. The President listened to the Chairman and the president was convinced to at least suspend Modou Camara for 3 months.

The chairman ordered for Camara’s suspension by issuing a letter to him which your network had rightly reported.

Due to weak security from the contracted company, the SSHFC Management were surprise to see Modou Camara reporting to work. The management via the human resource took the decision to disable the personal access control of Modou Camara to stop him from accessing work network and access to clock into the building.

The security company has been reminded of their contractual obligation to secure the building and comply with decision from management.

You may ask why does Modou Camara has the audacity to behave the way he does. It’s all due to the SG Habib Drammeh has a personal agenda against The MD Mr Manjang.

MD Manjang is the chairman Board of directors at the Former GPTC, the Transport company. Habib was the adviser to the company until dictator Jammeh arrested the petroleum employees and the members of the board of directors. These include Edi Jobe Serra walley Ndow and Mr Kanyi who was then the MD of The bus company but also a board member at the petroleum company.

This was the time Habib was made the MD of the bus company. By then Mr Kanyi was unjustly detained at the Mile prisons and PMO terminated his services. Both acts, the detention and the termination were illegal. PMO didn’t have the power to terminate or dismiss members of the cooperation. These powers are vested on the board.

When the new government came to place the Kanyi case was reviewed and found to be a wrongful dismissal the board took a decision to reinstate Mr Kanyi and relocate Habib Drammeh back to the role of an adviser until is contract expired within the year. Habib wasn’t happy with the decision, he went on lobbing until he was appointed Minister of interior. Then Mr Kanyi assumed the MD position. Habib refused to hand over to the MD.

An audit review was done on the cooperation and the report found the company was left in a very bad state. Habib was implicated in financial and management malpractice a report of which was forwarded to the President by the company’s board of directors.

Since Habib came in as a SG he made it his agenda to destroy Mr Manjang due to the above revelations. By then MD of SSHFC had a very good working relationship with Modou Camara. Modou had written numerous emails praising MD Manjang. When Mr Manjang introduced the austerity measures at the company, the SG saw an opportunity to use some of the senior staff to creat problems and with his backing to get Mr Manjang out of the company.

I can also reliably inform you that the SG is stopping the Police from removing Modou Camara from the building the SG is pushing for a stand off.

The Fatu Network Contacted The Board And MD Manjang

Meanwhile, when contacted by The Fatu Network to shed light on the issue, the board chairman, Mr. Papa Seringe Jallow said the issue is right now at board level and that they will be happy to share with the media once the findings are complete.

For his part, MD Manjang said ‘ Fatu, The Chair feels this is not the right time to discuss the issue in public, he feels its best to deal with it internally for now’.

SG Habib Drammeh could not be reached on his phone for his side of the story. We will keep you posted!