The regime has become ineffective for advocating for Gambia’s needs. They can’t make a first big positive impression yet for the past twenty-two years but continue melting our dreams like ice by becoming an obstructionist to the massive storm of change heading towards to the new path of Gambians. They only serve their names which have grown long with titles, whiles it is presumptuous to say our nation’s problems continues to galore on their desk. The positions which the country entrusted them with are used as bully pulpit despite the palpable frustration of their incompetence that continues to be a crushing disappointments for Gambians.



It’s no big revelation that great numbers of Gambians aren’t very happy with the direction of our country. Despite widespread agreement that we face a high-stakes election amid great uncertainty, we must encourage our aspiring candidates to form a coalition. We cannot afford to be locked in a battle of attrition. Gambia is in need of strong leadership and our country demands for a reliable reformer for the next 5 years. Nothing else will particularly inspire us except seeing Gambians free again. Nowhere is the frustration greater than among our brothers and sisters in mile-2 prisons, detention centers at NIA and others notorious prisons around the country.



Most Gambians are not selfish ingrates solely concerned with ourselves interest, as we are often labeled. We are struggling optimists, enticed by positive arguments in favor of advancing national politics in a way that our opposition parties will show enough responsiveness to accomplish the coalition we are all yearning for .If our politicians learned anything from our frustrations, it is because we are greatly resistance to going it alone. This has been the clear voice across the political spectrum. We cannot continue hunkering down behind the grimly predictable partisan battlements for yet another round of fruitless trench warfare.



Today’s Gambians are more than ready for a liberating change that technology and culture have woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. We are ready to reward politicians who recognize this reality and stand behind a coalition .That is the only enticing positive arguments we are ready to embrace in favor of advancing national politics heading towards December 1st elections .We do not want to go back to embracing negative arguments that would delay coalition. We are actively fleeing that status quo. But there’s something of much broader significance going on because our fellow Gambians are illegally in prisons. We want coalition period.
By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)