Yaya Jammeh and his litterbug’s wild bid for attention drawing rebuke have finally felt the heat from their flames of brutality they kindled against Gambians. The flying sparks of misstatements and confusing contradictions which they thought- all along will shield them from the harsh realities outside the venue of their violence is finally catching up with them. The string of hurtful violence against the Gambians or inane inactions by the regime encouraging vicious attack on women, elderly, and the harmful unhinged words of their loudest mouths has affected the general mood of the once shining island of the smiling coast as well, has divided our nation more deeply.



It’s often wishful thinking that shining a light on something that’s wrong will be enough to make it stop. That statement does not add up when it comes to Gambia under the stewardship of APRC regime. There is no doubt 2016 will be a blockbuster year compared to the other twenty years of misrule when history is written. So many news stories that impact our country found itself on international spotlight but there are some that come as a punch to the gut such a torture of our vulnerable mothers and their subsequent jailing for three years by mercenary Judges. But, clearly, some questions must be asked. Topping that list is: What have we done to deserve someone like Yaya Jammeh? Why are our people hurting each other? Why are we always tucked in the center of disputes which doesn’t benefit Gambia? What is slowing the coalition to finally eradicate the regime of terror?



We haven’t finished asking our questions, then came the news of Yaya Jammeh imposing our country among the baskets of other isolated nations that brought so much doubt Gambia future. There are very many things in our that we are not allowed to conjure up further debate before Yaya Jammeh does a head dive into things. The immediate question asked is “Why do we still let this man rule us ?” Gambians inhumanity toward our fellow citizens has been a theme throughout history of APRC regime. Some have been forgotten or overlooked but the exterminations of people by drowning them in pool of crocodiles can’t leave our memory. Our people are displaced in rouged African nations falling to reach their backway distinction route and mass incarceration of our families has fractured our society. The deep scar tissue created by regime, constructs monuments in our memories that runs throughout generations.



The crisis of rebranding our city names with people who insult our parent’s legacy and don’t have any positive impacts in our lives is a low blow of those people resting in their grave yards. The most dispiriting acts of revitalization of tribal suspicions by none other than the leader of the smiling coast – Yaya Jammeh, has further divided our unity. He is often mired in the problem because he only looks to focus on the negatives of people’s and other nations. The waves of conflicts are constantly are finding itself on the shores of Gambia — even when out people asked none of it. Yaya Jammeh does not seek to solve our problems but he seems pleased by those differences amongst us— concurrently. We continue to hope and pray that whatever level of détente was reached by our opposition parties, will finally portend us to a long and prosperous road to our freedom. We have seen too much as Gambians but we shall continue to embrace the truth.



Meanwhile, our aspiring candidates who hope to make decisions on our collective behalf are on their heels but— are a little slow in finishing the coalition effort for us to embrace the spirit of the new beginning of Gambia. Those efforts gives us hope for the future of Gambia .Finally , when the prophet( SAW) was cornered in Taa’if, he raised his hand and the angles in the heavens all paid attention attentively. The angles whom was in charge of the mountains, cried out for him to give him the permission to crushed out the city. He refused and raised his hands to the heaven in prayer ” O God, I am complaining to you because of my weakness…. “. He then prayed for guidance of that city. That is the spirit of the Man we are trying to emulate in our beloved country. The lesson I am trying to put forward is; we do not want our country to go in flames. We therefore raise our hands to GOD acknowledging the fact that our weakness had made us a divided nation today. We Pray for God to unite the hearts of our politicians so that they can form a coalition quickly.


By Habib ( A concerned Gambian)