Wonders shall never cease to end. Gambians; can you imagine that for the past one week, dictator Jammeh has dispatched a full team of intelligence operatives and members of The Gambia Armed Forces to fully investigate and report to him the mysterious disappearances of a number of his cattle from his various ranches.

The security task force has since been visiting various abattoirs to ascertain the true ownership of cattle slaughtered at these abattoirs. Butchers are being forced to surrender the skin and head of any animal slaughtered to ascertain that they have not be stolen from The President’s many ranches.



Just three days ago, the cattle authentication team of security officers arrested three State Guard officials at The Abuko abattoir accusing them of stealing cattle from The President’s ranch and selling it to butchers. The incident came about when the intelligence officer stationed at The Abuko abattoir sent an anonymous text message to General Saul Badjie, National Guards Commander and Yankuba Badgie, National Intelligence Director, about an attempt by some soldiers to sell meat which he believed came from a suspicious source.


It was then that some officials were dispatched to the abattoir and upon arrival the State Guard officials were arrested and accused of stealing by person while on duty at one of The President’s ranches.

Interestingly, a lot of people are surprised about the apparent urgency in looking for missing cattle from The President’s ranches when human beings (innocent for that matter) are still missing in that country and are unaccounted for.



A lot of people who spoke to The Fatu network have expressed shock and dismay at the lack of interest to conclusively investigate the cases of two US citizens, Alhagie Mamud Ceesay and Ebou Jobe who are still missing in The Gambia and numerous others whose cases are still not investigated, only to discover that Dictator Jammeh has been spending so much resources and security personnel to investigate his missing cattle.

A concerned Gambian who spoke to The Fatu Network has likened dictator Jammeh’s actions to that of a hungry, angry and useless wild beast which does not care about its own family. Another also opined that it is clear now that The Dictator has no respect and value for the lives of The Gambians.



The Fatu Network is equally shocked with this tasteless move by a  Dictator who continues to willfully and unlawfully arrest, torture and detain incommunicado.