Nigerian Mercenary Judge dada recently gave us an unintended glimpse of her life after her flawed verdict as she opened herself up to legitimate charges of buck passing and trying to run away, instead of facing the music of her decision to send tortured women to jail for 3years. Caught by state border patrol guards trying to sneak into Casamance without clearance and without her state provided orderly, the maritime trained mercenary lawyer quickly draws the only possible conclusion in line with her characteristic pattern of conduct to cover her intentions by giving an excuse of trying to buy a fish.



Let’s examine your remarks in the larger context of your judicial philosophy. Apparently, “Fish” means something else different as a street slang in one of your native language which we will discuss later. Well my Lady as the great son of Gambia, Ousainou Darboe addressed you in his allocutas which you refused him to read out; you must take us as fools but your actions from the events of April 14th/16 scandals of your doings to your convictions of innocent Gambians and hoping that with the passage of time, all will be forgotten but! you are simply wrong. Not this time mom.



Nevertheless, that meaningless platitude of your excuse eventually revealed nuggets of truth, and thus giving us a glimpse behind the curtain of the word “Fish” in one of your native languages Yoruba called “eja”. According to nairaland forum, it is a slang for marijuana and is a very common euphemism employed by smokers. Hmm! Perhaps the plain meaning of your word “fish” is insufficient to us and many people? We shall not help you explain yourself, so after you recover from your episode of your foot-in-the-mouth experience my lady. Can you clarify yourself one more time on your bench? In retrospect, we suspect that inadvertent truism and we presumed in confidentiality your wish, but repent to Gambia and your victims.



My Lady, the Gambian people may be too harried and busy nurturing our heartaches as a result of your employer- dictator Yahya Jammeh’s tyranny on us with your full help, for us to wake up every morning to protest against you but in our hearts, we are upset about your foibles of judgments just to make a dollar. Oh! The world is forced to pay attention to your actions for a good reason. For better or worse, so enjoy your fame whiles it last. Your vigorous support of injustice against your fellow women gave the dictator that much needed lifeline to continue his horrors on Gambians.



Of course, rather than falling prey to the regime you are helping, so you are resorting to fishing as a good sport. What are we to make of a person who proclaims with the certainty allowing remand kidnapped political prisoners their rights when you fail to intervene on their behalf and refused our tortured women bail, you refused them home cook meal, you refused them personal care and clothes but you want your preferred style of patronage justice to satisfy your love of fish? The Gambia is name after “River Gambia” thus the name “The” in front of Gambia and we have so many fishing ports. One feels obliged to wonder why do you need to travel to Cassamance then?


By habib ( A Concerned Gambian)