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    The Ministry of the Interior wishes to inform the general public that it has
    suspended the issuance of tinted glass permits for non-factory vehicles. This
    suspension takes effect Thursday July 13, 2017.

    However, permits under this category of vehicles will be issued to the following:

    1.Cabinet Ministers
    2.Permanent Secretaries
    3.Director Generals
    4.Deputy Director Generals
    5.Service Chiefs
    6.Deputy Service Chiefs
    7.Speaker of the National Assembly
    8.Chief Justice
    9.Solicitor General
    10.Banks Heads

    Similarly, the Ministry wishes to inform the general public that clearance will be
    issues for applications for Factory Tinted vehicles at a fee of D2,000.00 payable
    annually at GRA.

    In a related development, it has come to the notice of the ministry some motorists
    in the country are using tinted glasses unlawfully – and driving unregistered
    vehicles or vehicles with no licence plate. Such acts have the capacity not only to
    make criminal activities mushroom, but to place unnecessary pressure on security
    agencies and law abiding citizens.

    In view of the previous, the Ministry wishes to inform all Gambians that the ban
    on unlawful use of tinted glasses and legislations checking the plying of
    unregistered vehicles or vehicles with no licence plate on our highways, are still
    in force.

    The Ministry advises that all persons having vehicles still unlawfully fitted with
    tinted glasses, to remove them immediately. Similarly, owners of unregistered
    vehicles or vehicles with no licence plate to immediately register them and obtain
    appropriate licences or withdraw them forthwith from public roads.

    Personnel of the Gambia Police Force across the country have been directed to
    commence a massive operation aimed at enforcing all existing laws bordering on
    tinted glasses and the use of unregistered/unlicensed vehicles. Anyone found to
    be in default of the laws will be dealt with according to the law including the
    possible confiscation of the affected vehicles.

    The Ministry wishes to reassure the public that it is committed to its responsibility of keeping the nation safe and secure.


    Ministry of the Interior
    CC: Inspector General of Police, Gambia Police Force
    Chief of Defence Staff, Gambia Armed Forces
    Director General, State Intelligence Service
    Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Interior

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