By Lamin Sanyang


Honourable Sidia Jatta, National Assembly Member for Wuli West has commended several members for supporting national interests at the National Assembly in Banjul.

“The National Assembly is expressing the New Gambia,” Hon. Sidia Jatta said.

Hon. Jatta who was speaking at the national assembly committee selection said he has seen what was not seen in the past 15 years that he served in the National Assembly. He commended the freedom in which most members are expressing themselves. He called on them to continue expressing themselves freely.

“We are representing the Gambia in this National Assembly. I’m happy honourable members have recognised these fundamental facts,” he asserted.

Jatta went further to call on the attention of the honourable assembly to the slogan ‘Leave Party Tag Out’. He said this was a slogan which he invented in 1997. He reiterated the call to work the interest of the nation.

“We are in the right direction,” he pointed out.

The veteran politician has also highlighted the importance of including the opposition members to the ECOWAS Parliament, saying it is stated in the ECOWAS Protocols. He said numbers are not very significant in this case as Nigeria has dense population of millions yet it has equal representation with the Gambia in the PanAfrican Parliament likewise China in the United Nations.

“There are two opposition parties here that is APRC and GDC,” he said.

The Member for Foni Kansala, Honorable Musa Amul Nyassi has also call on the members to take their time to critically analyzed issues and avoid calling names. He urged the members whose names have appeared seven or eight times on different committees to do justice to themselves after knowing they cannot be efficient in all these committees. He suggested the inclusion of other members who were not reflected in those committees.

Nyassi called on the new parliamentarians particularly the young members to give chance to experience members so as to tap from their expertise and vast experiences.

“You will be surprise to know I have a mentor in this national assembly who has groomed me in youth work even though we belong to different political parties. I have been in constant contact with him for guidance and counseling all these years,” Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi said.

He added: “We must serve national interest first.”

Honourable Alhagie S. Darboe, Member for Brikama North has made recommendations to include Halifa Sallah in the Standing Order Committee of the National Assembly, saying he would be effective in the said committee. He said all parties cannot be equally represented in all the committees. He added that consideration should be given to the ratio of parties in the national assembly.

The honorable member for Niamina West made an observation that the members of GDC were not fairly treated. He said they were not included in most of the committees. He also complained that some members appeared seven or eight times.

Meanwhile, the members for Banjul North, Banjul South, Latrikunda Sabiji, Busumbala and Nominated members among others made several interventions. The session was adjourned to Monday, April 24, 2017.