A major reshuffle has taken place within the Gambia armed and security services in recents days. Among those who lost their jobs is the  Kanilai Camp Commander Gen. Musa Savage and three other generals.

The reason for his termination security analysts say is related to the December 30 attacks on State House which led to the death of Lamin Sanneh, Njaga Jagne and Jaja Nyass. Savage is said have played a key role in leaking their plans to Dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Brigadier Gen. M.A Bah, former Interior Minister who was alleged to have planned a  palace Coup during the political impasse to subvert the will of The Gambian people, has also got his services terminated. Analysts said his termination could be related to holding the whole country hostage which also displaced many for fear of a crisis situation.

Gen. Modou Sowe’s services have also been terminated with The Gambia Armed Forces. The reason for his termination sources say could also be related to the political impasse which led to the deployment of  ECOWAS Troops in The Gambia.

Sowe was said to have teamed up with MA Bah alongside Police Commissioners Landing Bojang and Lamin King Colley in instigating fear and threatening their subordinates. The three were also said to have advocated for no inauguration for President Adama Barrow and have asked that all security personnel be armed to crush out whoever goes out to attend Barrow’s inauguration. According to sources, they have also argued that ECOWAS do not have any mandate to interfere in the internal affairs of The Gambia and advised members of the security forces to continue to be loyal to Jammeh.

Director general, Divid Colley of the notorious Mile 2 central prison was also been removed. His termination has been linked to the inhumane conditions prisoners are faced with under his watch. David Colley is replaced by commissioner Ansumana Manneh.

Commodore Sillah Kujabi has also been discharged from the Armed Forces.

The Chief of Defense Staff, Gen, Ousman Badjie has also been relieved and deployed to the foreign service.