By Alagie Manneh
The Alkalo of Bakau Luntang Jaiteh has said that he believes President Adama Barrow has what it takes to lead a stable and progressive government, saying his administration is surrounded by competent and God-fearing Gambians.

The former real-estate developer shockingly took over power from the Gambia’s long-term eccentric ruler Yahya Jammeh in last year’s December Presidential Elections, but was forced to wait in exile as sub-regional leaders attempt to convince Jammeh to hand over power.

And with a fair number of Gambians casting doubt over the new president’s ability to maintain a progressive government, the coastal town’s longest-serving Alkalo who also served under the Jammeh administration was quick to dismiss doubts surrounding the president—who many think is not prepared for the top job.

“His cabinet is good and competent enough to deal with any difficulties that may happen. I never doubted for once his ability to see Gambia through these hard times,” Mr Jaiteh said.
He congratulated the President on the December victory and gave his town’s allegiance to the Gambia’s new President.

“I also want to congratulate him on the occasion of our dear country’s 52 Independence celebrations.”
He defined the people of his town as a “fortunate and happy” people who take pride in hosting the biggest gathering yet of barrow government when the Gambia observes its Independence Day, Saturday, February 18.

“We are extremely happy and very fortunate like I said, to have this celebrations in Bakau.
This could have been done in any other division,” he admitted.

He urged the government to embark on infrastructural development and rehabilitating the poor road-networks in his town.

“Particularly our fisheries centre, where you have depleted engines, where the fishermen and fisher folks are experiencing problems of getting ice and other valuable fishing materials. If that is restored, that will be great for Bakau.”