Diaspora Gambians have on Thursday, February 23, paid a courtesy call on President Adama Barrow at Kairaba Beach Hotel.

President Barrow has commended the role played by the diaspora during the campaign period especially the online radios and social media among others.

” You have the liberty to come home,” President Barrow said.

Barrow further acknowledged the financial contribution they made to the struggle, saying it would not have been easy without them. He said his government would ensure that everyone enjoys the rule of law in the country.

“The system of animal farm would not be allow in this country again,” he pointed out
President Barrow explained that the struggle has now moved to a new phase which is the development of the country. He said there is a lot of work to reform the system. He called on those with expertise to come home and contribute their quotas to national development.

He also talked about the state of the country’s economy which he said was not in very good shape but added that the new government has lots of goodwill around the world.

Several speakers representing various organizations in the diaspora took turns to raise their concerns with the new government.

“We could not understand your reinstating the group of ambassadors that have been vilifying us in the diaspora. These are the people who called the police on us when we protest at the embassies,” Alkali Conteh said.

Conteh called on the new government to help them to exercise their civil rights to vote in the elections.

Lamin Jatta of GDF from the United States said they participated in raising fund to end dictatorship, saying they would continue to support the coalition efforts for development.

Musa Jeng, another diaspora Gambian paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the struggle such as Njagga Jagne, Lamin Sanneh, Solo Sandeng and Solo Krummah among others. He said he will speak on their behalf because they are not present to speak for themselves, saying they cannot allow their families to feel their absence.

“We have some of our people arrested in the United States for their involvement in the 30th December attacked. Some of them have lost their jobs,” Musa Jeng said.

Jeng called on the new government to reach out to the Trump Administration to release these people.

Saul Mbenga of DUGA also made a request for family members of Jammeh’s victims to meet the president of the republic.

Meanwhile, several speakers spoke on behalf of different organizations including Madi Jobarteh, Alhagie Kanteh, Sohna Sallah and Tuku Jallow.