Security sources say former President Jammeh’s chief assassin, Sana Manjang and Co are in constant communication with The Jammeh family in Kanilai making arrangements for a return to the area. Sana and the rest of Jammeh’s killers known as ‘Junglers’ are currently looking for a safe home after a court in Banjul issued arrest warrants for their alleged involvement in the murder of Gambian editor Deyda Hydara and many others.

Since news of the arrest warrants broke out, the junglers are said to be constantly moving between Cassamance, Conakry and Bissau in their search for a safe home. Sana and Co according to security soured left the Gambia shortly after the departure of former President Jammeh with seven pickup trucks and an undisclosed amount of ammunition. The ammunition and pick up trucks are said to be with the ‘Jakai’ rebels in Cassamance for safe keeping.

Recently, one Ms.Tamba, a former police officer who is currently with the junglers, traveled to Cassamance to collect one of the pick up trucks which they planned to sell but was intercepted upon return to Bissau and the pick up seized. She then left the car at the Bissau border and fled.

Our sources say paving the way for the return of the junglers could be one of the reasons for the Kanilai protests on Friday, June 2.  Protesters took to the streets of Kanilai Friday calling for The ECOMIG troops to leave the village with immediate effect. They questioned why ECOMIG troops are only present in Kanilai and not in other villages and towns in the Gambia.

Meanwhile, security sources disclosed that plans are on the way for The Gambia Armed Forces to deploy one thousand men to Kanilai to keep the peace in the area. The thousand men are expected to be deployed this weekend.