Gambians ought to be reminded that there is no appeasing way of resolving Yaya Jammeh imaginary grievances. Yaya Jammeh is on a quest to hunt every Gambian’s nightmare dreams into reality. He will continue to dug his heels for a much firm grip to robbed us out of opportunity and respect as long as his last breath. The man has already given his Cooked recipe for the upcoming election everyone buzzing about. There is an unusual trait that makes the APRC regime very unique. One particular note very apparent is the stomach-churning unusual behavior of their mocking elitists avoiding to look down on their noses to see their long lines of disappointments of their failed leadership. In part for that reason, they all tend to move together with their obsession of hunting all the treasure maps of our country, instead of looking for practical solutions in solving the least problems of our communities or spend time on encouraging thoughtful engagements for them comprehend our nation issues.



This has made Gambia fallen so inescapably into gridlock of pandering to Yaya Jammeh’s fanatics so much that the days of collegiality and compromise are long gone. Now you wonder why they are ashamed to look down their noses? It is because they cannot egregiously erase the truth of not able to usher in paradise from promising Gambians all manner of things which they cannot deliver. Underlying this discussion is the question of whether these peoples are aware of the dangerous proposition of the ruins of our democracy as a result of their greed of twenty years of treasure hunting, that results into brutal dictatorship. For two decades, Gambians have been steadily pushed to the sidelines for their fair share of beautiful Gambian life. Not everyone is angry about happenings in the country, but honestly, we also have some misinformed troglodytes “deliberately ignorant” people among our midst who love power and wealth more than anything.



To that aim, it reflects the characteristics of the more voracious nonprofessional’s political appointees of the Yaya Jammeh who are couldn’t even parlay your attaya session persona much less heading an institution or local government consulates. These folks from the President to the Mayors now turned partisan politicians, who could plausibly be indicted on numerous “community” felonies of their negligence of duty and failed leadership by their own people they represent. Most certainly, it also applies to much of the rest of those who assume political appointments in the regime because they’ve been providing thrills of incompetence and chills of cluelessness for years. Some decent folks who wants to do good in their own party by reporting out wrong doings, tantamount to a charge of treason these days. Not only that, it typically leads to a shortened career and vilification at the NIA offices. The prestigious cultural values —that once made it possible to have self-respect, honesty, integrity amid difficult moments or when needed most is missing in most people.



One telling episode among the countless is – the regime has turned out to be is clumsy, expensive and demonstrably unable to solve this nation’s problems. That dream of Gambian able to take care of the needs and health of the people are always doused by the heavy handedness of Yaya Jammeh’s desires on our national coffers before it could come to life. Their disregard of personal integrity to act in a manner befitting their office and the people they represent because they have no resolvable grievances. There is no way Gambians can tame the treasure map hunting personality of Yaya Jammeh and his people. They have trek twenty years too far down the midst of dictatorship for them to fall back in love which the same people they shrugged off the way. Their policies of treasure hunting will continue to pulled us further into a scary economic ditch. Gambians have to remove their handcuffs of dictatorship and gives the country the flexibility to thrive again. Gambia need change in leadership to bring back opportunities for our citizens, reset our relationships with world, bring a significant development, and get the whole nation lasting pride back as the smiling coast of Africa.


By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)