Sheikh Sidia Bayo, a Gambian-French national, has said that he is not interested in “forming a political party in the country now”, but came to celebrate his accolade “Merida Partner” which was awarded to him by The European Union in Brussels.

Speaking to the press at Jembe Beach Hotel in Kololi, he said his mission in the country is to launch his “caravan for peace and democracy for 2021”.

“I am not here to form a political. I am not here to critize the government, but I am here to launch a caravan” he said.

According to him, he is committed to helping the country [Gambia] “to restore peace and democracy” saying he is “not greedy and selfish despite his political ambition”.

“What I am seeing now in The Gambia, I don’t have the will to create a political party… not now,” he added.

Bayo, who founded the National Transitional Council for The Gambia movement in 2012 in Dakar, said the movement was aimed at mobilizing international campaign to denounce alleged human rights violations under the reign of ex-president Jammeh.

Mr. Bayo, who was a staunch critic of the former president Yahya Jammeh and his government, said despite the fact that Gambians voted out Jammeh and vote Barrow in power in 2016, the ‘work is not yet over’, adding he is committed to bringing development, peace and democracy for Gambians.

However, Bayo said his caravan for peace and democracy for 2021 will include the security forces, religious leaders, community leaders, political parties, youth, and international institutions.

The caravan, Bayo said will mobilize possible ‘investment’ for the country and that it will priotize education, agriculture, youth employment, healthcare, and sports.

But for Bayo, if the country fails to archive its aims and objectives during the OIC Conference due in 2019 in the country, Gambia he said will fail its transitional Justice.