Yahya Jammeh’s milquetoast presidency has not had the results of a revolutionary reformer many Gambians had hoped for because — it has caused increased divisions within the Gambian population and caused much more embarrassing disappointments — for younger people who feel lost in an era that was supposed to give them a sweet taste of life with all that it has to offer. Today, the issues of Gambia since its founding have not changed, and the biggest political problems facing our country can be traced to Yahya Jammeh’s incompetence and extreme love of power. Our institutions are used as ponzi schemes to nourish their greed and satisfy their lust of luxury at the detriment of weak Gambian people. His empty —symbolic rituals of constant demagogue of the west and Gambian diaspora, is just to provide him the ideological cover away from his failures of following through on his sworn promises. Not the least of which is — not committing to policy programs that advances our country. That only leaves him with little leverage to work around his bombastic words and digging himself out of trenches of incompetence –in order to influence any form of an agenda that works for Gambia.



This and more was expected of Yahya Jammeh, but he creates a laundry list of problems and irresponsible scandals that— cheapens his authority— thus creating a political culture of knowingly dishing out empty promises that undermines trust and invites deceit. In part, his crimes against the Gambian people and his abstract ideals of buying off communities, have left him with so little few ways of actually earning the trust of Gambians or even wave away the significance of consequences waiting for him— as a results of violating his oath of office. knowing why Yahya Jammeh brands Gambian diasporians with names, is essential for this upcoming elections and should serve as an eye opener to all Gambians. His sordid campaign against the diasporians to dubbed us as bad unpatriotic citizens, conspiracy-mongering people and discerning judgments of our hard work to laughable extremes shouldn’t come as no surprise.



The man is so burden with guilt as he sits by idly observing his experiences of failing to meet his low standards of expectations — that he set for himself. His quest of staying in power to enrich himself along with his gang of buddies — distributing ownership rights of our state institutions amongst themselves, whiles neglecting the daily struggles our mothers go through to provide meals and livelihood for their families— was rightly not met with warm considerations by Gambians in the diasopra. This angered him bitterly to such an extend of giving him the shock and awe of his life. He continues looking for ways to elevate Gambia’s struggle for us not to recover anytime soon from his brutal dictatorship — in perpetuity. It doesn’t only stop there for him. He is always working on creating obstacles of— heavy burden of — constraint on the shoulders Gambians whom are doing the work of the regime for its citizens. However, Gambians are Undeterred by those obstacles and simultaneously walking through those challenges whiles striving very hard for opportunities that follows — with the values of hard work. Hence, the great stories of the road from struggle to triumph are the hallmark of the Gambians.



He never misses an opportunity for his low minded rhetoric’s that paints a dark picture of Gambians as —good for nothing people who wash dishes in restaurants, work as janitors “forbarekat” and clean up sick elderly people in hospice. He often references our struggles we go through to overcome tremendous adversity in providing for our families, friends, and our countryfolks— whom his regime failed in some major way, and not just economically. His crude standards of rebuking the Gambians —by appealing to the worst impulses of his loyalist, warms the hearts of some people whom— he is counting to preserve whatever turns out to be his legacy.



In a figurative blink of the eye, Unfortunately, he got so bold enough to try cementing his legacy of laziness on the backs of our women and got too comfortable with financial upheaval he puts Gambian Diaspora through—as a result of taking care of the needs of the citizens. And that’s not all. Gambia is venturing closer to bankruptcy because of wasteful spending and unnecessary debts— that he continues wrap around the neck of our country. Instead of him dusting himself off and doing what other leaders are currently doing in New York, such as — striking deals for development, pursuing investors to bring factories in their countries, he is working to cause us on more pain by proposing his self-imposed mandatory Islamic state.



This kind of quest will further divide our country, isolate our country further from the rest of the world and cannot be not met with warm considerations and prayers only. Gambians have good reason to start thinking of electing a President this election cycle — who will listen to the cries of the nation and work for the people. Gambian diaspora cannot continue to be on the receiving end of the regimes troubles for the next coming decades. Although, we are far more than an advocate for kidnapped citizens, tortured victims, exposing Yahya Jammeh’s Ponzi schemes, breaking the regime cycle of subservience to special interests, solving spectrum of disproportionate issues in Gambia and elsewhere. Be that as it may— but we cannot continue on this trend for the next five years. In Gambia, friendships tend to fade away when one’s job ends or when the regimes fire someone. It doesn’t end there only. As people get older, they feel unneeded in society. Most families do think deep down in their hearts that— the country is not a safe place to raise their kids anymore with the never ending violence on our men. Our opposition politicians are brave enough to declare their interest in restoring our nation back to sanity knowing full well what terror awaits them— if they lose this election.



And at most, Gambians may want to consider seriously — the existential threat that Yaya Jammeh is to the nation now — squeezing out everything available on the hands of Gambians to unsustainable levels and releasing seemingly unstoppable terror to anyone he wishes. It takes remarkable hubris to assume this man will change for the better after twenty-two years of having it his way. That thought, deserved far more attention than anything and should be the most important topic of this presidential cycle— more specifically to form a coalition. We all know from experience after December 2nd — if we do not put our acts together — that the most presumable issues of problem of Gambia in Yahya Jammeh’s mind is —us the citizens. Gambia’s problems begin with Yaya Jammeh and ends in our homes, whether you like it or not. Virtually every facet of our lives has changed. We have seen too many horrors and heard so many heartbreaking stories which we never imagined— such things will happen to our people and let alone our country. Beyond that, the problems to be addressed for our country are numerous and not the least of which is —broader public awareness of the consequences of his brutal rule. Let’s all get together in unity of one coalition and pack away this monstrous regime.


By habib ( A Concerned Gambian)