It is heartening to learn that our Minister of the Interior, Mr Mai Ahmad Fatty with a high ranking delegation is currently  in Dakar, Senegal, discussing security cooperation. The world is going through very turbulent times and there are a series of security challenges facing people and governments around the world.

The security challenges are so complex and so varied that they require cooperation between different countries. If you observe you will see that even the advanced countries are seeking cooperation with smaller countries. The North Alliance Treaty Organization is a similar cooperation so that countries will help protect each other. Thus this is important.

The challenges range from criminality [armed robbery and others], the drug trade, terrorism and many other dangerous and destabilizing problems. The fact that Senegal and the Gambia share many things, like border, culture, language and a lot of other things makes it paramount that the two countries cooperate in the area of security.

It has been revealed that the minister is with the Inspector General of Police, the head of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency, and many other. This shows that your government is poised to solve the security issues of the nation. I hail you and your government for that sagacious move. I hope that follow ups will be conducted to ensure that whatever agreements are signed there are not only on paper.

Mr President, God knows we need to feel secure in our own country. Just yesterday,  I was informed of an attack on a friend of mine who was walking around the streets in Fagi Kunda and was attacked by robbers who threatened him and took away his mobile phone and the little money he had on him.

Mr President, the feeling of being completely secure and in peace is very essential to the development of our country. It is only when people are secure and are not afraid of being attacked by bandits that they can go about their daily business. This is absolutely essential. The recent attacks and incidents of armed robberies has instilled fear in so many people.

We need to equip our law enforcers, give them adequate professional training, adequate tools to fight criminals in our streets. They need enough vehicles, enough fuel and arms to patrol our streets. The sight of armed police officers alone can prevent criminals from carrying out their nefarious designs on ordinary citizens. As I suggested earlier, we need an expedited system of justice on crimes so that criminals will know that they cannot get away with crimes.

Perhaps this security summit in Dakar will come up with solutions to our numerous security issues.

Have a Good Day Mr President. …

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizened