Munna tuma. I have had enough, Mr President. Ops, my bad. Bilai walai talai and for the sake of clarity, not in Goloh’s voice though, I actually meant to say any party leader who aspires to make inroads into Gambians political heartlands must abstain from referencing Goloh and his Abnormal People’s Repressor Cohorts to score a political goal. It appears Mama Kandeh is blindly travelling down the Gambian political highway in a dangerous speed risking to puncture his political bubble. True Goloh was an action-man while Barrow loves counting steps, Goloh enjoys flexing his muscles and Barrow remains cool and collective. Goloh killed, tortured, raped and banished whereas Barrow is pristine.


Condescendingly asserting despite his all, Goloh ranked above Barrow is malicious, disrespectful and insensitive especially to Goloh’s victims and their families. I parted ways with Kandeh when he chillingly walked away from that desperate call for him to join the coalition against Jammeh. In a letter I addressed to him, I warned that he who deserts his people during their time of need risk being lonely in their midst. Kandeh has unwittingly exchanged his political career with elusive statistical political poll. To rebuild a winning political career, he needs more than flaking banknotes on the needy.

The Barrow government is said to have not given the diaspora substance because we failed to harness our differences into one unified embodiment to converse for a common course. Isn’t this a case of the kitchen unfriending the pot for its blackness? The diaspora has always being what it is. Perhaps, we jointly supported the Coalition to oust Goloh but that was were the togetherness stopped. We are humans because we reason and make informed choices. Do I need a job in Banjul? Yes. Do I have to sniff a backside to get it? Absolutely no. My take home when I work less is equivalent to D91,200.00. Others earn more in the diaspora. What job will we get apart from the presidency that will give us a similar renumeration in Banjul? Most of us is neither the position nor the money that makes us want to serve our country but the love for it. So I don’t need to hassle the Barrow government to see me of Gambians. Many diaspora Gambians have knocked on their doors only to hear the vibration of their knocks. Apart from declaring Gambians are now free to come home, have they reached out to Gambians abroad? Serious leadership does serious things selflessly. But a leadership which believes it is self sustaining will not look beyond its nose. I will not pretend to hide my disgust and if anyone is expecting an apology happy days.

I had a dream last night. Myself, Barrow, Sarjo Sowe in the US from Jimara and a couple of others. I don’t know if I should share it with my readership or not. However, it was explicit and utterly Gambian fully and truly.

In all honesty, Barrow is a gentleman of all seasons inside out. My solace in him is rested on the conviction that he is sent to cool off the steam of dictatorship. He is everything that Goloh isn’t. Conversely, we part ways now and again but that only means we differ in opinions and approaches on that issue. Natural, isn’t it? He has registered successes but he has also failed to deliver on some expected change spurts which is breeding the frustration. To say because the constitution did not specifically states “when” a vice president should be appointed to justify its vacancy is equally dishonest and disrespectful. How about the declaration of assets by the leadership on assumption of duty? I guess the laws are not specific on it too. Saul Jeng stop picking on Barrow’s diminish prospects, talk about NAWEC, the ferries etc. You right. I just wonder who will make those departments relevant and productive if Barrow is out of the equation? Mr President, you now understand why I feel like giving up. But I am a winner and winners aren’t quitters.

The government can neither do it alone nor the people. Nation and state building is a collective responsibility. I am good at complaining, Bamba Sering Mass is excellent in speaking, Yanks Darboe is the best solicitor and Barrow to coordinate our varied skills to translate them into development drivers. No one should expect the other to do it all. Together we can take the Gambia to the promised land.

Sulayman Jeng
Birmingham, UK