Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) candidate for Jeshwang Constituency in the upcoming National Assembly elections has expressed confident that he will win the race.

MC Cham, the party’s youth mobiliser who has been very vocal especially during the former regime is contesting for the constituency parliamentary seat for the second time; the previous was in 2012 against APRC NAM Haddy Nyang-Jagne who won.

This year, MC Cham who is the favourite among all the candidates is been challenged by UDP’s Alhagie Drammeh, PPP’s Mam Jeng, GPDP’S Lamin Saho and Independent candidates Sheriff Sarr and Mustapha Kah.

Speaking to this medium at their party head office along Kairaba Avenue on Monday, Cham said he has the backing and support of the young, women and elderly people in the constituency. He said he will surely win the race as he has the support needed to be victorious.

“I have been fighting for the people of Jeshwang since the Jammeh era when most of these candidates where no were or even afraid to talk. I was the only person who once stood on Independent ticket and challenged the APRC candidate at the time. Again, I live in the area and know the problem of the constituency very well and I am ready to solve it if I am elected. I am sure, I will be victorious” he confidently said.

He said his agenda and programmes for the people are more convincing and no doubt that the GDC will be victorious. “Victory belongs to GDC”  he said.

On April 6th, Gambians head to the polls to elect new Parliamentarians, four months after the Presidential elections in which long time ruler Yahya Jammeh was defeated, conceded and later made a U-turn which almost plunged the country into a military confrontation but averted as he lately agreed and left for exile in Equatorial Guinea.

Meanwhile, MC Cham used the opportunity to call on the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to intervene quickly and stop the aspiring party candidates who are campaigning and using the name of President Barrow and the coalition. He said despite the statement issued by the IEC earlier, some candidates are still using the name of the president and the coalition to convince the electorates.

“May be they are afraid with of the GDC that is why they are using the name of the coalition and President Barrow to convince electorates to vote for them. But it is not fair because we don’t have any coalition candidate but party candidates. So, every candidate should campaign using their own agenda and not using the name of the coalition or President Barrow” Cham complained.

Meanwhile, campaigns are ongoing in all corners of the country ahead of the Parliamentary elections.