Masanneh Kinteh has said that the army leadership is aware of some soldiers being implicated in serious human rights violations and abuses.

The army chief stated this in an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network.

The top general said: “Yes we are aware that some of our soldiers have been involved in human rights abuses as has been witnessed by all of us, from the commissions which are ongoing. But are we going to use that to be able to settle scores with every soldier that has been mentioned or are we going to wait for that natural process to really come to an end so that anybody who is indicted will also be given the chance to be able to speak and we hear that person’s side of the story or are we going to forestall the progress that we have made with the TRRC.

“f we start indicting soldiers at this point in time, will they willingly come forward to speak the truth? Will they be willingly comfortably tell the Gambian people the things that they know? I think we should leave that natural process of the TRRC to unravel and each and every person whether victim or perpetrator is given the chance to be able to be heard by the Gambian people.”