In a letter addressed to the editor at The Fatu Network, a student at the Gambia College in Brikama asked why the vice principal and head of the school of Education Isatou Ndow, is not allowing students to re register after they returned back to school. The break was due to a political impasse the country was faced with after the December 1 Presidential elections.

Below we publish the full letter:

Dear Editor,

This is a current news emanating from the Gambia, since after the realization of our dreams of ending the dictatorial regime of Yahya Jammeh.

When the political crises reached climax, the Gambia college students union in collaboration with the college principal Abubacarr Jallow decided to inform students to stay at homes until the impasse is solved.

When the college reopened the vice principal of the Gambia College and head of the school of Education Isatou Ndow, said all students should re register at the college to show that they are back for the term. This is because every term students need to register if not they will be ruled out of the college even if they are in their second year at the college.

Only a few students came to register as some had traveled to the hinterland as the situation was so tense, reason why they could not report back to the college on time. Now that classes are commencing next week, Isatou Ndow is not allowing 95% of the students to register which could ignite a protest at the college at anytime.

Why is Isatou Ndow refraining students from registering for the term? Is it that she does not want jammeh’s oppressive rule to end by keeping students at homes? Also some other major institutions have also boycotted their activities until Isatou is stopped.Why is Isatou Ndow doing this to us?