Barely 24 hrs after a group of security officers from The Criminal Investigations Department of The Gambia Police Force, went to the Yundum residence of the former director general of prison, David Colley, they finally got him. David was nowhere to be found on Sunday, February 26, when officers wanted him for questioning.

A security source told us few hours ago “He is in his office handing over to Manneh, will let you know once he is arrested” he said.

Security sources say the team went to his residence to invite him for questioning based on allegations against him, but could not find him at that time.

Colley is seen as one of the biggest enabler of former President Yahya Jammeh especially when it comes to ungodly treatment of detainees. Known as ‘wicked man’ by prisoners at Mile II Central Prison, Colley is said to have executed orders of inhumane treatment of political prisoners under the directives of former President Yahya Jammeh.