The elders of foni Jarrol District residing in the Kombos Sunday, February 5, held a meeting at Masey Njie’s compound in Bundung. Among them were the Alkalo of Abuko, Botto Tamba and Alkali James Gaye who both advised the gathering to unite and become one big family and forget about everything that happened in the past.

SARJO M DARBOE, a strong supporter of the coalition appealed to the people of Foni Jarrol district to come together as one family and work for the betterment of the country, as well as continue to pray for peace and stability for which the country is known for. He prayed for peace to continue in Foni Jarrol District as well as in other districts.

Sarjo further said that Politicians come and go reason why everyone should remain as one family. He finally thanked the elders for their wonderful intervention.

Sakey Sanyang, Lamin Tamba, Lang Camara, Ali Barrax Bah an Alhajie Masane Camara were all present at the gathering. The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 12.