I wish to endorse Fatoumatta Njai commonly known as Touma Njai for Banjul South constituency. Touma is a professional par excellence. A dedicated, modest and hard workingwoman who demonstrates in her professional life that it is only a sense of purpose and dedication that determines the quality of a person as a leader and a doer. Touma is a leader and a doer!

Touma is a wife and a mother of three who epitomizes the quintessential workingwoman who blends family and professional life into a happy and productive career. Her understanding of the issues and the clarity of her message are a clear testimony that in Touma, the Gambia has a brighter future to building a durable democracy that can ensure sustainable development.

I do not know Touma personally and we have never met. But while conducting my background check on her, I gathered from reliable sources that this Touma is a woman of substance. She is an independent-minded person who is known for her sense of integrity, humility and commitment to sacred values. Her life story without doubt shows that she is a woman who will jump into the trenches with men to fight in the frontline to defend justice, uphold the rule of law and protect democracy. Indeed Touma has class and character.

Banjul South cannot deserve a better candidate than Touma Njai Njai, a lady who shall neither retreat nor surrender but shall remain a fighter for social justice, equality and democracy. With Touma in the National Assembly, we can rest assured that efficiency, professionalism and accountability will be the order of the day.

God Bless The Gambia.