Gambia’s President Adama Barrow said he told the country’s Chief Justice, Assan Jallow to not expect a phone call from him with regards to interfering with his job.

“Don’t expect my calls,” President Adama Barrow said.

President Barrow made these statements at a press conference held at his office in Fajara. He said the Gambian judiciary is very independent. He added that he told the Chief Justice when he came to his office that he should not expect calls from him.

The Gambian leader in his respond to a two term limit said it was a promised that was made during the campaign which he is still committed to fulfill.

“As long as I am the president, it will happen,” he pointed out.

President Barrow was further quizzed about the piecemeal approach of the constitutional amendments on the presidential age limit and nomination fees among others instead of holistic approach to reform the constitution as promised during his campaign. He asserted that the government is still committed to the promises made in the campaign. He said the few amendment made were very urgent but reaffirmed the general reform of the constitution.

“We will be going for a referendum as I stated in my address of the National Assembly,” he asserted.

He reiterated that constitutional reform will strengthen the Gambia’s democracy which he said shall not be compromise.

President Barrow talked about the relationship between the Gambia and Senegal which he said is based on mutual friendship as the two countries are sovereign states.

Meanwhile, the media team at the office of the president has launched a newsletter and official website of the State House.