By Fatou Sowe
The high court in Banjul presided over by Justice Kumba Sillah Camara has issued a summons for the defense lawyers of Yankuba Badjie the former director general of the national intelligence agency, also the 1st accused person in the Solo Sandeng murder trial, to appear before the court and show cause for their unexcused absence in the case.
Lawyer C E Mene and lawyer E E Chime have both been absent in the case which warranted the court to give an ultimatum to Badjie for him to regulate the status of his legal representation by the two lawyers.
During Monday’s proceedings the lawyers failed to appear again which prompted the judge to ask Badjie about the outcome of his consolidation with his lawyers.
Badjie responded that he has an appointment with to meet his lawyers Monday, November 20, at 3pm. At that juncture the judge said that the court cannot keep waiting after which the lead prosecutor Antouman Gaye then stood up and said that the court has to do something about these two lawyers because their unexcused absence in itself is contemptuous.
The presiding judge then made an order to summon the both Mene and Chime to appear before the court on the next adjourned date to show cause for their continuous absence.