By Fatou Sowe
Sourahata Janneh, the chairman of the ongoing commission of inquiry probing into the financial activities of former President Jammeh, on Wednesday told Muhammad Bazzi that his headed commission is not a ping pong game were witnesses will be shooting words at commissioners anyhow.
Janneh made this position known, after Bazzi was engaged in an exchange of words with commission members while giving evidence, and said that he took a loan of $8 million from Standard Chartered Bank on behalf of government for the purchase of rice.
He added that he was given back $3 million and the $5 million is still outstanding, at that material time he said it was useless to sue government to recover his money.
In response Chairman Janneh further informed Bazzi that he cannot advance a claim against the former government to the commission because it falls outside its mandate and moreover Bazzi had slept on his right and cannot use the commission to resurrect a dead claim.
Bazzi then told the commission that the reason he raised the issue before the commission was for them to know how his company was suffering under Jammeh.
He also intimated to the commission that his letter to the president and its response should be read out for the public to know the type of relationship that existed at the time, he was asked to read out the letters but he declined saying that for emotional rights he couldn’t read the letters, as a result the commission, Alagie Kurang was asked to read out the letters which was done.
Bazzi also gave evidence about his involvement in the importation of heavy fuel into the country, the Gambia Ports Authority land given to his milling company and the Barajaly ferry.