Dear Editor,


What in the world is happening in little Gambia?


After 22 years of fighting dictatorship, my question is are we heading back to dictatorship?


Why arrest a man, keep him for 5 months without a single witness appearing in court. Then after 5 months a competent high court Judge threw the case out for lack of proper evidence or due process. Then after few hours of his release from the 5 months detention a directive was given for him to be picked up again. This time around he was picked up at night.

Stop the nepotism and selective justice. When #Solo Sandeng got killed by the former regime IGP #Sonko was then the IGP and was responsible for the Paramilitary who did the arrest. Why is he still our #IGP and not questioned?

Mr Interior Minister #Mai Ahmad Fatty, are we heading back to the #Jammeh way of governance?


I’m a concerned citizen