Credible sources have informed this medium that a senegalese businessman one Kalilu Waggeh is the man driving former dictator Jammeh’s 150,000 pound sterling G-Class Benz on the orders of First Lady Fatou Bah. Kalilu is said to have received the keys to the luxury vehicle at the state house when President Barrow was in Saudi Arabia few weeks ago.

The source added that Kalilu is also the man behind President Barrow’s trip to Congo Brazzaville few months ago which did not augur well with many Gambians. Barrow traveled to Congo without a single member of his cabinet with the state house calling it a ‘Friendly visit’.

‘The Car is with the Waggeh’s, each time it is on the road, its either with Kalilu or his brother” a source told The Fatu Network. “This is not the change we all fought for, The Barrow administration should be transparent, they owe us that” the source concluded insisting that Gambians deserve to know who has custody of the ten luxury vehicles left behind by former dictator Jammeh.

Kalilu in Barrow’s convoy Friday afternoon, June 2, 2017.