The ECOWAS mediation team has decided to fly out with Gambia’s President-elect Barrow to talk to all ECOWAS Heads of States at an ongoing Summit in Bamako, Mali, following ‘failed’ talks to resolve the political crisis on Friday.

The ongoing 27th Africa-France Partnership, Peace and Emergence summit convened by French President Francois Hollande in Mali is aimed at strengthening cooperation between France and African countries in the areas of peace and security, economic partnership and development.

Speaking to journalist at a press briefing at the Coco Ocean after the end of the Banjul mediation, Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama confirmed the ECOWAS delegation will traveled together with President-elect Barrow to Mali to ensure that all the sub-regional Heads of States to hear from him directly for the first time.

“The ECOWAS Heads of States will for the first time hear from Barrow directly,” said Mr Onyeama.

Foreign Minister Onyeama said today’s talks were not conclusive, saying they will have to brief to sub-regional authorities before disclosing the specifics to the press.

He said they will brief other leaders about today’s talk, thereafter, they will make action plan to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the country.

Meanwhile, during today’s talks, the ECOWAS mediators met in a separate meeting, the outgoing President Yahya Jammeh, Incoming President Barrow with the coalition team, the Chief Justice of The Gambia Emmanuel Fagbenle and Deputy electoral Commission Chairman Malleh Sallah.

Since the talks have failed for the second time, the sub-regional body promised to come up with an action plan after the summit in Bamako.