The political, security and socio-economic situation in the Gambia is a serious cause for concern. Events are unfolding at breathtaking pace and President Barrow (of The Gambia) and his government seems to be reacting to them, instead of shaping these events. His constant travels outside of the country for meetings, state visits or diplomatic engagements leaving a dangerous vacuum in political and executive leadership makes the issue of the Vice Presidency even more pressing. His refusal to relieve Hon. Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang of the Vice Presidency Overseer position and her lack of political maturity and inability to graciously vacate the office for the greater good is a dangerous sign of hunger for power and prestige or at the very least political grandstanding and nepotism.


I made the point before that I believe she should do the right thing and give up her aspiration for the position due to the huge reputational damage hanging on to it could do to her otherwise respectable legacy in the fight to rid our country of dictatorship and political backwardness. It is safe to say that not so honorable Tambajang is dead set on ripping her political capital bare bones. She seems determined to hang on to the Vice Presidency no matter the political cost and regardless of how weak it makes President Barrow.


The truth is that the president’s inaction in filling the highly important Vice President post within his cabinet with a sworn deputy president that could properly and fully execute his or her duties and that of the president in the president’s absence or in such a situation that he is incapacitated is not only a sign of weakness, ineptitude and an act of tomfoolery but is constitutionally questionable. I am even prepared to call it a dereliction of duty! Mr President, your cabinet is not ‘fully constituted’.


When an elected leader is deliberately unwilling to assuage the wishes and clear expectations of the people that elected him or her into office on matters of high national importance to the political stability and socio-economic equilibrium of society that is an ominous sign of dictatorial tendencies. How can we have any confidence in an evolving leadership predicated on breaking agreements and an administration resorting to quasi democracy (democracy of convenience)? First, the president softened on the 3yr Coalition Agreement, got quite on Declaration of Asset for himself and his ministers and refuses to appoint a Vice President when it became clear his prearranged choice was unqualified contrary to what both the president and Mrs. Tambajang’s surrogates had claimed.

It is obvious to any Gambian of average intellect and political understanding that the reason the Vice Presidency is still dangerously vacant is because it is ‘reserved’ for Mrs. Tambajang. This arrangement is seriously bordering on nepotism and a clear sign of individual interest eclipsing that of the good of the nation. No one can argue that Mrs. Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang did not contribute to the new political reality. However, this is not a compensation scheme and there are other competent and qualified Gambians deserving to be given an opportunity to serve in this important position without causing a perilous political scenario from becoming a full fledge crisis. For Allah sake, enough is enough!


Mr. President, in case you do not recognize the writings on the wall, you are losing political capital, political support and increasingly looking weak in the eyes of our people and the world. Lest you forgot, your base is merely 19,000 more Gambians larger than the dictator’s. That is not a very admirable political base to feel awfully comfortable and you CANNOT afford to lose any more support from some of us that constitute that base or else…!

Written by Anonymous the Patriot