Sainey Jammeh, one of former President Yahya Jammeh’s brothers recently told police that they will die if they attempt to arrest him. Sainey came under police radar after his name came up in an investigation surrounding Jammeh’s cattle out of which sources say he sold seventeen.

When he was called to report to the police station, Sainey refused prompting officers to travel to Kanilai to arrest him. Upon arrival in Kanilai, security sources say Sainey told them he needs to pick something from his room urgently and that he will be back soon. “As soon as he got into his room, he threatened that if we want to die we should follow him to his room”. The source said

It was during the standoff that Villagers told the officers that he has bees that he will unleash on them if they go anywhere near his house. The officers then called their seniors to inform them about their experience. They were later advised to leave Kanilai with a promise that the issue will be dealt with.

” If Sainey thinks that causing chaos in Kanilai will save him from being arrested, he is wrong” A senior officer told this medium.

Meanwhile, commenting on Friday’s incident in Kanilai, Banka Manneh, a human rights activist based in Atlanta, USA said, The Barrow Administration needs to take a more proactive approach to deal with what is now becoming a major security concern for most Gambians. “I know that they have too much on their plates, but this one cannot wait. A constructive dialogue with the people of Foni will be an excellent start while making sure that those who violate the law are brought to book without delay” he concluded.