It was drama unusual at Kanilai over the weekend following the official end of the ceremonies of the APRC Congress. The Dictator had assembled thousands of hungry, unhappy party militants from across the country who were promised a grand party on Friday after the official closing ceremony of the Congress only to be told that Yahya Jammeh wanted everybody to leave that same evening to their respective regions.

A very close source told The Fatu Network how stone-faced senior APRC members were left bewildered regarding the unusual and sudden change of mind from the dictator. Earlier in the day, there was pandemonium in the camps where regional delegates were housed over shortage of food for delegates.



According to our source, the Dictator in an apparent embarrassment over reports of food shortage for congress delegate promised to organize a send-off party for them. But as it turned out, the send-off party never happened. But much to the dejection and humiliation of the delegates according to our source, they were hurried to leave Kanilai in a manner which indicated a leadership in trouble at itself.


Another source told The Fatu Network that the people of Kanilai had already slaughtered some bulls for the send-off party only to be told that the occasion should be called off. Since then, the Dictator was said to have entered into his villa never to be seen again even by his Vice president and other cabinet members.



A youth member of the party who attended the ill-fated congress said he has for a long time in his life never seen a humiliating situation like what they went through in Kanilai. “I can tell you Fatu that our prides have been seriously hurt. Is it that they think everybody is hungry that they could do such a thing like this to us? Our leadership definitely has no respect for us” our source said.