UK-based Gambian Yunus Hydara has written to the Minister of Justice Abubacarr Tambadou showing concern over the ‘manner’ former president Yahya Jammeh’s assets were handed.

Below is Mr Hydara’s open letter;

Hon. Baboucarr Tambedou
Attorney General and Minister of Justice
Attorney General’s Chambers
Marina Parade
The Gambia.

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you well and all members of your family. I would like to first of all commend and congratulate you for taking the bold initiative to awoke the conscience of the world to the plight of the people of Rohingya. The progress thus far registered in stopping the genocide is monumental accomplishment and I join the entire Muslim Ummah and humanity as a whole in celebrating you and the Gambia. You did not only facilitate the protection of live and dignity of the world’s most vulnerable people, you also contributed to the enhancement of international jurisprudence. I also appreciate your efforts in spearheading the transitional justice process at home despite all the complexities associated with it. You have my full support in this regard.

Hon. Minister, I am very disturbed by the on going rumours and speculations about the manner in which the Assets forfeited by the state from the Gambian ex president Yahya Jammeh were handled. I understand these were under the purview of your ministry and as a man of principles, and an individual who espouses the fundamental principles of democracy, accountability, transparency and probity, would be inclined to answer some of the questions we have to allay the concerns associated with these assets that belong to non but the Gambian destitute.

Here is what we know so far about these assets:

  1. 50 million Dalasis or more was spent by the Gambia taxpayer on the Janneh Commission to probe into Jammeh and close associates financial dealings. This commission also had the mandate to account for and sell Jammeh’s assets forfeited by the state.

2. 77 million Dalasis was announced to have been generated from the sales of assets by the commission – 67,894,170 Dalasis from the sale of 138 tractors and 458 vehicles (including scrap); 8,302,970 Dalasis from the sale of 725 herd of cattle as well as bank accounts frozen and/or discovered by the commission and other properties discovered during the course of the commission’s work.

3. According to the commission’s white paper the sum of money that should be generated from the sale of Jammeh assets is 1billion Dalasis.

4. According to the president, some of these funds should go towards reparation for the victims.

Hon. Minister we the concern Gambian citizens, the rightful owners of these properties demand answers from you to the following requests:

  1. We ask for a full accountability and breakdown of all properties confiscated by the state from Yahya Jammeh.

2. We demand a full explanation of the process used to sell the assets that are already sold and how much in total was generated.

3. We demand an electronic copy of the entire 9 volumes of the Janneh commission report.

I pray for your continued health and wellbeing and the fortitude to continue to work towards addressing some of the complex issues we have in this country.


Yunus Hydara.

BSc Hons

For the Concern citizen.