Friday, April 12, 2024

Yaya Jammeh. Yankuba Colley. FTJ.

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Vanity. Unpatriotism. Idiocy.

The APRC conversation between Yaya, Yankuba and Fabakary is not only rude and immoral but also highlights the misfortune that befell a nation that was led by such a bunch idiots for so long!

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The audio reflects the vanity of the APRC and these individuals in particular which goes to show, with so much pain indeed, the tragedy that befell The Gambia. To imagine that these people did indeed occupy the highest offices of the land and presided over the lives and destiny of our people for a generation indeed shows how low and misguided The Gambia was forced into.

One can see the lack of morals and decency and unpatriotism in their conversation. One can see how they devalue women and how they had lived a life of promiscuity and abuse of our women. It shows that during the APRC Dictatorship the leaders of this party had a vacation and penchant for sexual exploitation of our women and girls.

They used their position and power to misuse public resources to exploit our women and girls with impunity. They show us how they conveniently and without conscience abused and misused public wealth for their self gratification!

It’s so disheartening to hear how Fabakary Tombong Jatta would gleefully and unceremoniously joke about Yankuba using public money to enjoy women. Yet they all could laugh and take that to be normal and okay.

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If anything, this audio merely shows the nature and extent of the vanity and immorality of Yaya Jammeh and his stooges. Indeed it shows that the APRC and its leadership were only engaged in prostituting our women and girls as well as plundering public resources and personalizing public institutions for selfish ends.

They do not love or care about The Gambia but they merely see The Gambia as a resource to exploit. They never stood up for any values or standards nor do they seek any tangible national objective in any way. Indeed this audio is the highest insult that could be inflicted on a society by people who are expected to serve with respect and honesty.

If there is anything we should learn from this audio is that it was good riddance that APRC Cancer was uprooted. It is to teach citizens to seek decent, moral, honest and patriotic leaders. It is to teach us to be vigilant to check our leaders and institutions including political parties to ensure that they uphold and practice good values and high standards of decency, honest politics and good governance.

Yaya Jammeh and Yankuba Colley and Fabakary Tombong Jatta are indeed the worse sons of The Gambia!

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