Omar Jah of UTG has done it again. Jah damn well knows that he is on his way out and therefore decided to once again breed antagonism among UTG staff. Without following the laid down rules and regulations for staff promotion, Jah almost singlehanded promoted many perceived loyalists to the disregard of other hard working staff. As a result, some of the newly promoted staff are now earning more than their bosses. To add insult to injury, Jah hid behind the cover of UTG Management to do what he did. Jah, in writing to the beneficiaries, claimed that UTG Management did the promotion. This source can state with authority that this claim of Jah is a fallacy and any interested party is welcome to investigate. Instead, Jah was just utilizing the old tactics of his former boss and cousin, Muhammadou Kah. Messing up further, Jah never consulted UTG Finance to find out whether there were enough resources to accommodate the benefits of the newly promoted. Jah again neglected both the Appointments and Promotions Committee and the UTG Council, which is the approving authority of any recruitment and promotion at UTG. It seems that this Council is the worst that has ever been instituted to govern the affairs of UTG.




Council should know that when it comes to any major policy issue at UTG there are laid down rules and procedures to be followed. With regards to promotions, everything should be channeled through the Appointments and Promotions Committee which then laid before Council its recommendations. This is to ensure fairness in promoting staff, and it is what the rules call for. I urged Council to investigate and see whether this latest madness of Jah was in line with this simple procedure.



Mark my words, many UTG staff are very bitter about this unfair promotion. It is simply unacceptable and the whole exercise should be repeated in the manner prescribe by the rules.



Council for once should seriously assume its responsibility or honorably relinquish it. UTG Council should not be a place where members are out to protect staff just because of one relationship or the other, but this seems to be the case with Jah. WATCH OUT Council.