Opposition APRC said Tuesday evening it has not agreed and is not into discussions with any political party for a possible coalition at the moment.

A statement by the party said: “This Press Release is necessitated to redress the recent information misinterpreted by some people that the APRC Party is discussing with The National People’s Party (NPP) for a merger into a coalition.

“It is correct to say that some APRC Executive Members has met some NPP party members and other political party members that have shown interest in wanting to work with the APRC Party towards the 2021 Presidential Elections, and thus, no coalition discussions are/were being held and no agreement has either been reached.

“The APRC National Executive Committee is yet to sit over these discussions held with various political parties and make a position as to the way forward.

“In conclusion, we are assuring all and sundry that the National Executive Committee of the APRC Party will inform its party members and sympathisers anytime a decision is reached as to whether we will jointly form a coalition with a party or other parties in the near future.”