‘This dude is a prejudiced narcissist’: Momodou Sabally launches vast attack on Essa Faal

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Momodou Sabally has launched a full-throated attack on Essa Faal branding the lawyer a prejudiced narcissist.

Writing on his official Facebook page of more than 28,000 followers Friday, Mr Sabally said: “And when someone asked what was my opinion about Essa Faal upon the release of his closing statement at the TRRC, this was my response:

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“This dude is a prejudiced narcissist with no other intention but to use the TRRC as a platform to launch his personal political agenda using the misery of poor victims as a launch pad for his political adventurism.

“Essa Faal is someone who himself was a tool of Yahya Jammeh at the ministry of justice in the early years of the AFPRC.

“For such a person to mount the moral high horse and constantly browbeat a selected group of witnesses while protecting others like Fatou Bom Bensouda at the same time; while the nation sits hypnotized, amazes me.

“Let’s watch his next steps; it is only when he rolls out his grand egotistical agenda, that Gambians will understand what I predicted about Essa Faal when he shamelessly bribed a witness at the TRRC in the name of a land gift; and also pitted the unwitting public against the powers that be by preempting the outcomes of the TRRC’s work…

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“Essa’s reckless adventure is certainly going to mar the public perception regarding the TRRC. At the very least, Essa should have waited for a reasonable cooling period after the submission of the TRRC report before venturing into politics… But this is Gambia…”

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