Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘They say he is God’: Ganyi Touray who is allegedly at the heart of Seckens’ suffering tells TRRC Ker Mot Ali people were calling Ndigal God

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By Lamin Njie

The man allegedly at the centre of persecution against the Seckens of Ker Mot Ali this morning told the TRRC the people of the Upper Saloum village were branding Serign Ndigal God.

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Former governor of Upper River Region Ganyi Touray is accused of spearheading gross tyrannisation against the Seckens whose version of Islam doesn’t include the five daily prayers. Their leader, the late Serign Ndigal reportedly got instructions from God to stop praying.

A student of Mr Ndigal Yunusa Ceesay last week appeared before the TRRC and told the probe Ganyi Touray was bringing police to Ker Mot Ali – who would beat and force them to pray.

Mr Touray today began explaining his own side of the story claiming people in Ker Mot Ali were calling Mr Ndigal God.

“If you get to Ker Mot Ali, all you hear is, ‘he (Serign Ndigal) is God’,” Mr Touray told the TRRC.

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His testimony continues.

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