Monday, June 17, 2024

The UN Security Council warning on Jammeh to hand over Power as pressure mounts

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by Gibril Saine in London


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The 15-member United Nations Security Council has unanimously delivered a stern statement warning Yahya Jammeh to step down, and respect the will of sovereign Gambian citizens. After accepting the elections results barely a week ago, Jammeh stunned the world by performing a miraculous U-turn declaring intend to contest the results. The whole world is shaking in disbelief by his erratic behaviour as tourists began vacating the country amidst the uncertainty.

Plain and simple – Jammeh’s term of office has expired. And as an illegal occupant of the State House in Banjul, I refuse to affix the Presidential tag to your person; hence APRC’s rule is OBSOLETE. According to the constitution and legal niceties as enshrined in the 1970 blueprint, the head of state shall reside at number 1 Marina Parade (State House) at the expense of the Gambian tax payer, until that time his/her term of office expires thereby vacating the premises. Presidents come and go, and are mere tenants in the people’s house. Yahya Jammeh must be reminded that the Gambian people have spoken with their votes, who elected president Barrow to lead them into the future.

Fellow Gambians – the constitutional mandate of the APRC government has expired. Both Gambian law and its international guise governing the rule of law and decency will never recognise that illegitimate regime ever again. The opposition-coalition’s victory is assured. President-elect Barrow holds the mandate of the people, and that is that.

Barely a week ago, the whole world watched as Yahya Jammeh praised the country’s electoral system as “rig proof”, and the “best in the world”. Then all of a sudden, he is at it again, only this time a 360 degrees U-turn. An irrational dictator untrustworthy as that. He is a calculating bandit sustained by divide-and-rule tactics.

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Jammeh Kanilai – The game is over, for, TRUTH has arrived in the Gambia, and falsehood must PERISH. After 22years of tyranny, the Gambian people stand united on the right path of history. Be warned – and learn from history. Look at the fate of repressive regimes and of dictators-past?

As captured by global reactions to the election of President Barrow, foreign direct investment, and tourism numbers were taking shape. Opinion across Europe and elsewhere is that the world feels safer with a “Barrow government”. The Gambian Diaspora has long despised Jammeh. From Copenhagen, London, to New York, Diaspora Gambians contribute some 20-percent in annual GDP. An enlightenment sub-group with a worldwide presence – to President Barrow, our unconditional support.

The rogue APRC machine fed on a diet of nepotism and cronyism for far too long knew the game is up. However, pushed on by such cronies as Yankuba Kolley and Sam “Lobster” Sarr, Jammeh has decided to contest the results against advice.

A criminal president who threw parties for Imams and the youth-folk while the rest of the country burns. Fool me once, shame on you – Gambians are united against Jammeh. The editor of this medium often relates the “Wolof” proverb that “a monkey will always find a way to climb”. Well, old ways are hard to die – as blasted by social media posts by the esteem readership.

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The Gambian people will never accept revisionism. To the government of Senegal, the Gambian people are in dire strait. Our president-elect must be protected against Jammeh’s hateful vices. The Diaspora appreciate the Senegalese people too keeping the democratic rope tight in solidarity with ordinary citizens.

The wind of democratic change sweeping across the region is unstoppable. Jammeh must be reminded that no leader can govern against the will of the people. And all those with sense have come to terms with this. Again, the Gambian people have spoken clearly. The verdict is final. Legitimacy cannot be bought, nor imposed. The sooner Jammeh realise this and start packing, or continue to sign a suicide pact with the devil.

To Gambians everywhere – The election result is SACROSANCT. Adama Barrow is our president – and we will defend this victory and the restoration of our shining democracy. As cold winter season blew across London, and the mountains of Scandinavia, Diaspora Gambians are energized intensifying both covert and overt tactics – seeing to it that Yahya Jammeh and his APRC deposed by any means necessary.

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