The story about the return of Serign Touba after his exile in Gabon

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By Oko Drammeh

Many Senegalese as well as Gambians are not aware that Sereign Touba was named after a Gambian born in Ballo in The Gambia near Sabah Sanjal.

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The person he was named after is no other person than Mam Momadou Bamba Sallah, Grandfather of Ousman Sallah former Ambassador. The grandfather Mam Momadou Bamba Sallah had two other brother namely, Abdou Yassin Kura Sallah and Ali Yassin Kura Sallah.

Mam Momadou Bamba Sallah’s real name is Momadou Yassin Kura Sallah.

The name Momadou Bamba Sallah came about when he established a village of his own he called Bamba Momadou. Mammor Anta Sally was a student under Mam Momadou Bamba Sallah for thirteen years.

Before departing Bamba Momadou to return to Mbakeh Bawol,he was advised by Mam Momadou Bamba Sallah that he will have as a first child a son followed by a second son and that he should name the second son after him and that is the reason why Sareign Touba’s name is Momadou Bamba.

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The village of Ballo was founded in 1438.It is also worthy of note that while Mam Moranta Sally was a Student under Mam Momadou Bamba Sallah his Magi Darra was Maba Jahu Bah who infact escorted him on his way back to Mbakeh after his studies. The story between Sareign Touba and the Sallah family in The Gambia is one of a long standing friendship.

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