Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The recent Video of Yaya Jammeh should be the reason why Gambians should give him massive thumb down

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If the recent video of Yaya Jammeh have taught us anything, it is that after twenty-two years in power after ceasing our nation by staging Coup d’état, this man still lacks political deftness the presidency requires. The ideology he governs with is ill suited for the job of presidency and he perfectly demonstrated on camera for the whole world to bear witness — why he is the whirling disaster who is only about himself. Fiction is obviously to his taste, particularly fiction of his own making, that makes him remain on power. He cheerfully said whatever was convenient for him to say at that moment without reading a script. One requires enormous patience, a capacity to tolerate boredom just to listen to his speeches because — he will empty out all the awe and respect one has for people around him. He loves to portray himself as having a third eye and professing to have deceptive psychological powers, that enables him to communicate with the unseen.

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This continues to be a nagging concern for all Gambians. He does these foolish things because he lacks the political deftness to get things done. it’s beyond the pale to openly make such calumnious statements about “Nothing will happen during constructions of the road this time around”, as if there were unseen species (Jinn’s) — preventing the construction all along. Didn’t he claim that the jinn’s voted for him in the past? How come then he denied them road development? It is breathtakingly hypocritical — suddenly after being exposed about ritual sacrifices, he wants us to believe that he is strangely reticent about the everyday hardships that bedevil the lives of the poor Gambians? Oddly enough, it is very troubling for 22years, this man never feel’s bad about the children you convoy kills on routine basis.


it’s clear that the rock-ribbed divisive dictator wouldn’t buck up the courage to stand behind his failed record — because has left behind a well-documented record of corruptions and all his misdeeds on Gambians have thrust upon him. It remains to be seen whether he can match his rhetoric with reality because he cheerfully ignores his responsibilities. Wherever he shows up or walks into, he adds more to his already long list of the whiff of interlocking networks of scandals — that causes our nation such degrading embarrassment. None of us should be under any illusions why anything he is involves himself, results in failure. He does not possess that steady pedantic skills that is necessary for governmental projects to be successful, but wouldn’t let those who have the necessary skills set to do their jobs without interfering.

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The Depressing realities of Dictatorship at his best, left us in monstrous events of crisis. Hundreds of Thousands of Gambians have fled the country because of this regime cheerfully ignore its citizens, introduced a seriously broken society in which the leaders are the least intelligent or unprofessional people who unreservedly see him as a savior, and brought our country to the bottom of the barrel in every level of good governance’s measurement. Gambians feel cheated once more again — as he ducked a chance to explain why our children are been adopted for ritual sacrifice. Instead, he uses the time — Gambians are paying him to repudiate the opposition coming together and make a quick-fire sale of treats to the population. What is also evident on that video is — Yaya Jammeh lacks the ability to work non-contentiously with Gambians. Perhaps most egregious of his mystical personality — is he loves to prejudge people wrongly — by egregiously trying to read their minds.


He lacks that charismatic personality to lure Gambians to become hopeful of the future or even mobilize for a cause — without using fear — because he has made other nations to believe there isn’t any humanitarian catastrophe in the Gambia. The recent death of our National football team female goal keeper, who fell through the cracks of the backway journey and drowned at sea, should be a lesson for everyone concerned about humanity. Many Gambians including the opposition have been thrown into dank and fetid prisons around the country. Several thousands of our citizens have lost their lives fleeing by sea — from being conquered by the brutal regime, and used as ritual sacrifice for Yaya Jammeh to remain in power and keep their idols fed. The murder of prominent Solo Sandeng and reports of his body fed to crocodiles without trial should be stack reminder to the west who give lifeline to his regime by showing his with aid money.

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Yaya Jammeh went on a rant on national TV about the only things he worries that will make him lose his seat of the presidency. Where he went more than a step too far is —when he attempted to explain he was divinely elected as a chosen leader of Gambia. That excuse doesn’t fly with any Gambian. He tried to deflect responsibility by intoning his team about the racketeering that destroys projects, but he is the first to dive down collect all the pearls of developmental projects. He knows he cannot gin up an ounce of enthusiasm about his intransigent, pugnacious and irrational ideological policies have held Gambia captive in perpetual a gridlocked of terror. That why he operates using fear — an ideology that is outdated, expensive, and using dysfunctional policies which has become a sick joke. Gambians are already so spavined by the additional burden of the realities of ritual sacrifice and now our communities are relentlessly being carpet-bombed again, with his men hunting children to meet the demands of his idols.


This might be a good time for us to dust off the adage frustration with those in the southern border of Senegal. We the native Gambians are anecdotally and humbly requesting Senegalese leader to revisit his famous strategy of red line of silence and to prevail on his citizens on especially Cassamance, who come to interfere in our elections — for the sole purpose to influence our political trends. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy, because there have been much more complex and emotional issues — that are largely in line with the ritual practices of certain regions in Cassamance, that now been used as ideological policy by Yaya Jammeh to oppress our nation. We recognize our simultaneous existence, but Gambia is at a critical juncture in its history. As we reach the home stretch before the Dec.1 General Elections, we need our neighbors to play more active role in restraining their citizens than leaving it to their late-night comedians.


As this dismal regime reaches the end of the drain -where it belongs to be history, Yaya Jammeh is ready to put us through a national trauma of enormous proposition. One of the mains societal problem Yaya Jammeh has begotten us is—a strained relationships of all kinds. Gambians families are broken by this regime such a way that some families are no longer talking to their brothers-in-law, friends from high school, uncle, dopey cousin, current wife or ex-girlfriend- all because of one Yaya Jammeh. The strain that the regime has placed on friendships, families, and fellow countrymen is incalculable. Even on social media, many confessed to unfriend certain people, block people because of fear of the ruthless regimes backlash. There is no way we can balance or reconcile our fears and compromise our worries about the regime again. Jammeh must go! Please vote for the coalition!!!


By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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