Monday, April 15, 2024

The Lesson from Saudi Arabia and the Journalist

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In the final analysis, what the killing of Saudi journalist Khashoggi By Saudi State agents inside their embassy in Turkey highlights is that in every country in the world the biggest threat to the rights and lives of citizens is their State, ironically! The State in every country of the world is the biggest liar, most corrupt, most wasteful and the most criminal that tortures and kills citizens! Check the State and it’s history in every country and you shall see!

This is the very reason why it is urgently and indispensably necessary that citizens are alert and vigilant and check their State very very very closely and never believe a word from the State until verified!

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The State is the most powerful institution in any country because it is backed by law and weapons. State owns the institutions that collect every information on the personal and business and any other activity or property that a citizen has or does. From obtaining birth certificates to ID cards to passports to any form of licenses such to marry or to drive or own a business, citizens have to go to the State to obtain them. State runs public infrastructure and operates social services and facilities and even if these goods and services are run by private businesses it is still the State that regulates them. Every citizen pays tax to the State while no one can leaves or enters your country without the knowledge of your State because the State controls the border and all land, sea and airports!

It is the State that runs the lawmaking and criminal justice institutions. The State has the institutions of coercion and violence such as the military, police, intelligence, prisons and courts. These are equipped with weapons and power to enforce. Hence the State can subdue any citizen at any time, anywhere and anyhow! The State is powerful! Always remember that.

This is why the State in Saudi Arabia was able to get to Khashoggi and then kill him. The State is not a joke and must not be taken for granted!

The State can be an instrument of the greatest good but at the same time the State can be a tool for the greatest evil. When that State is in the hands of unscrupulous and immoral leaders then they will use the State as a tool for evil that harms citizens with impunity!

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The State is like fire ?! It can serve you well by cooking your food to your satisfaction! But if you fail to pay attention to that fire it can burn down your house and even your life if you are not lucky! Fire is never left alone but it has to be checked and controlled because fire is dangerous!

The State transforms easily into an instrument of evil where the citizens are dormant or gullible or indifferent hence they don’t mind their State or just believe without hesitation anything and everything that their State says or does!

Hence wake up citizens of the world to check your State and subdue it. Let us tame our State to the point that they are afraid to even take one step lest they provoke the anger of the masses. It is better for the State to be afraid of citizens than for citizens to b afraid of the State!

The State is too huge and powerful to be left alone and unchecked! It becomes even more dangerous when you leave that State in the hands of unscrupulous, corrupt and immoral men and women!

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Wake up! Remember: The State is like Fire! As you check and control cooking fire in your house so must you also check and control the State in your country!

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