Monday, July 22, 2024

‘Talib Ahmed Bensouda is a criminal’: Former KMC CEO launches fight against KMC Mayor

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Former Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) CEO Sainabou Martin-Sonko has launched a verbal tirade against KMC Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda, describing him as a “criminal” as she spoke on a wide range of issues, including an alleged fraud involving her within the council.

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Speaking in a viral WhatsApp audio, Sainabou dismissed mayor Bensouda’s remarks at the National Assembly yesterday.

“You lied to the Finance and Public Account Committee (FPAC) knowing you were under oath,” she asserted, adding that “you don’t feel shame in yourself. If you don’t fear God, you should be ashamed of people because elders are listening to you, and you fabricated the presentation. You were asked to present the activity report of the council.”

According to her, Mayor Bensouda just hates her, so he has been doing everything to let her down. The former KMC CEO who was accused of corruption fired at her former boss, accusing him of corruption and intimidating honest staff.

“Bensouda is a criminal who is managing the council like a gang club and anyone who is not in his gang will be intimidated. If you are speaking the truth people will know and if you lie it’s clear because people are not mad. You are accusing me of fraud, but you don’t have any evidence against me. Since 2021, you have been following me but still can’t produce any evidence,” she added.

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She stated that the money collected in the markets is not put to the intended purpose but rather use personally by Bensouda and his “criminal councillors.”

“I was the chief accountant and if the staff association need any loan, I should sign it. You are talking about the staff welfare association, but the credit union that your aunty Adama Jammeh is heading came to my office and I signed and gave them a guarantee of D800, 000 but you are not talking about that,” Miss Martin Sonko said.

She noted that Bensouda has been hiding all his criminal activities in the council and has also influenced the team sent to investigate her alleged corruption.

“You are a criminal and Gambians should know that. Your mind is so polluted to the extent that you think everyone is like you,” she said.

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She revealed that the Mayor is just trying to find an easy way to mislead the people so that his corrupt actions will remain unearthed.

“I have a tape of your former deputy Mayor Pa Musa Bah where he solicited a bribe, and you are aware of it. I came to your office with my husband, and I played the tape and you pleaded to my husband for the issue to be buried because you don’t want Gambians to hear it, but I will share it for all to hear and know that you are a criminal. I will not accuse you because I am not a liar or cowered.”

According to her, the councillors are receiving about D200,000 annually but they are not using it for their community activities and that the Mayor is aware of it, but he remains silent because he is their boss.


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