We are getting UNCONFIRMED reports that negotiations on The ‘Tactical Alliance’ approach agreed upon by Coalition members with the intervention of President Adama Barrow has failed.

The tactical alliance saga began when the UDP, NRP and GMC held a news conference unveiling their plans to not put up independent coalition candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections as was done during the presidential elections.

At that time, there was an ongoing debate which was instigated by Halifa Sallah’s Press Conference held days prior during which he disclosed that The UDP and NRP wanted to go with the ‘Tactical Alliance’ approach.

Prior to all this, most Gambians were with the impression that the independent candidate approach was what the parties will do since it seemed more practical, while others wanted the coalition members to come together as they did during the presidential elections.

As it turned out, many localities were already holding their own primaries to select their candidates who were supposed to run under the coalition banner, when the tactical alliance approach was unveiled, many say it only added to the confusion.

If reports we getting are anything to go by, one can conclude that all parties will most likely field their own candidates and run against each other.