Sheikh Tijan Camara, a key witness in the Solo Sandeng murder trial said the late opposition youth leader was buried with a mattress at the NIA Training Camp at Tanji.

Camara, an NIA Agent identified the grave to the court where Sandeng’s body was allegedly buried after he was tortured to death in custody. He adduced that the body was buried in his presence.

“Solo Sandeng was
buried with a mattress,” Sheikh Tijan said.

“The body was lowered by Lamin Darboe, Babucarr Sallah and Lamin Lang Sanyang,” he added.

The NIA witness said the former Director of Operations, Sheikh Omar Jeng was present when the body of Solo Sandeng was buried. He identified the grave at the far right corner of the camp beside a cashew tree.

“I’m under oath as nothing is between the heavens and earth to lie against my former authorities or conceal the death of Solo Sandeng,” Camara said.

The witness further revealed that Lamin Lang Sanyang, the NIA Medic was the one who allegedly distributed white hand gloves to the officials that buried the body of Solo Sandeng.

Meanwhile, Dawda Ndure also gave evidence on the secret burial at the NIA Training Camp at Tanji.