By Lamin Njie

GDC national youth president MC Cham Jnr has accused a military police officer of threatening to kill him if he ever takes part in Operation Three Years Jotna’s December protest.

Members of OTYJ are expected to take to the streets in December to demand that President Adama Barrow leaves office.

MC Cham Jnr told The Fatu Network Saturday Sarjo Conteh of the Gambia Armed Forces vowed to ‘break my legs and kill me.’

“He swore to sleep with his mother if he did not come good on his threat. He said I have been going about insulting President Barrow.

“He told me some 100 soldiers are currently being trained at Fajara Barracks ahead of the December protest,” Mr Cham said. The incident allegedly happened in Serrekunda on Friday.

The accusations come days after the head of the Gambian army warned that any group that attempts to ‘subvert’ a constitutional order will come into contact with the army.

“I want to state here that the Gambia Armed Forces will not recognize anything that is not in line with the constitution. So any group, any political association that tries to subvert the peace and stability and the due process of achieving of any political power if you try that you will come across the Gambia Armed Forces,” General Mamat O Cham said on state television, GRTS on September 26.

Sarjo Conteh spoke to Freedom newspaper Friday saying the accusations were ‘concocted.’

“There isn’t any element of truth into his claims. I am going to sue him to court on Monday for defaming my character,” Conteh told the outlet.

Cham has told The Fatu Network he met with the leader of his party today and informed the party of the issue.