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Seedy congratulates UDP Yankuba Darboe, thanks voters

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Seedy Ceesay, NPP BAC chairmanship candidate:

“Thanking the electorate for the support given to my candidature

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“I take this opportunity to thank every Gambian, particularly the citizens of West Coast Region, for completing a successful electoral cycle with the just concluded Mayoral and Chairperson elections. Every Gambian must be commended for the peaceful manner in which the elections were conducted. This shows the maturing of our democracy and that everyone is a winner.  I am proud and privileged to have participated by seeking the mandate of the people of West Coast Region as chairman of Brikama Area Council.

“Even though the results did not turn out the way we had hoped, we all should be proud of what we have achieved. I want to assure you that our desire to serve our great nation is still immense. We will continue doing our best to serve the people of West Coast Region and the Gambian people at large.

“I want to take this moment to thank the voters, particularly those who voted for me, our supporters, members of the NPP and all executive members and the entire campaign machinery. I also thank all those who supported and encouraged me over the course of the election.  They take credit for our achievements.

“As the elections are over, let us now unite as a nation and build the country we want for now and for the next generation.

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“I extend special gratitude to all NPP members, the national executive, the regional Executive as well as the foot soldiers and much also to his Excellency President Adama Barrow, Party leader and Secretary General of the National People’s Party for his tremendous and invaluable support. I take this opportunity to assure everyone and more so the leadership that we will continue working with party structures, the energised membership and the people of our great nation to promote the agenda of the party and the obvious interest of the Gambian people and implement the vision of the party and leadership for the Gambian people.

“Once again I extend my appreciation to the NPP party and assure its members of our undiluted commitment to serve the party at all levels.

“To our party alliance members APRC, CITIZEN ALLIANCE, NRP, NCP, and GPDP thank you. We are more committed to the course than ever; we may lose today but our bond will always be strengthened by the setbacks we endure together. We will continue to work together and am sure we will overcome the challenges we may have this time around.

“To the winner, Yankuba Darboe of the United Democratic Party, I congratulate you on your victory and pray that Allah grants you the strength and wisdom to serve the people of West Coast Region. Our doors are open and for the interest of our common people and are ready to lend our support and cooperation to help change the life of people we hold dear.

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“Finally, I want to assure you all that we will continue serving as the people’s voice. Our service to this nation will not be diminished by this setback and we will continue the fight to see a better Gambia and a prosperous West Coast Region.

Asalamu Alaikum Warahmatoullah

Seedy Sheriff Ceesay

NPP Candidate

Area Council Chairpersons

Election 2023″

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