Friday, July 19, 2024

Sabally: ‘Barrow will’ rule The Gambia ‘for as long as he wishes’

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Momodou Sabally, who was previously the Campaign Manager of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) but is now a firm supporter of the ruling National People’s Party (NPP), has said President Adama Barrow will remain in power for as long as he desires and will eventually pass the baton to another NPP president whenever he decides to step down.

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Sabally urged opposition party members to join the NPP if they would rather not remain in opposition for the rest of their lives.

A strong critic-cum-staunch-supporter of President Barrow, Sabally claimed that the NPP is here to stay and has discovered numerous potentials in the party.

“The NPP is here to stay. Barrow will lead this government [for] as long as he wishes and then hand over the presidency to another member of the NPP, who will be the next president.

“What I have discovered and the potentials I have seen in NPP if you would rather not spend all your life in the opposition, come and join us,” he said in an interview on Star TV Gambia Foolo programme.

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He reiterated that the next presidential election in 2026 will not see the back of President Barrow because the party is up to so many good things and tailored its policies to the modern needs of the citizens.

According to Sabally, even before he joined the ruling party, President Adama Barrow made certain moves that strengthened the NPP and weakened the opposition parties.

He revealed that what he thought about the NPP and what he has discovered since joining the party are different.

Momodou Sabally left tongues wagging when he announced in December last year that he joined the NPP, a party he has criticized multiple times as a member of the opposition party, leading to him being arrested twice, which many political commentators believed were politically motivated.

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According to him, thousands of people have joined the NPP recently, and that announcement will be made soon. However, he didn’t reveal which party those people were from.


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