Tuesday, May 28, 2024


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We condemn the predictable and utterly unjust judgement delivered by justice Dada in Banjul today July 20 at the behest and dictation of Yahya JAMMEH the presiding tyrant of The Gambia.

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The verdict, the charges, the trial process, the conduct of the security services, the attorney general, and prosecutors all reflect a corrupt and discredited effort to arrest, torture and persecute innocent citizens.

The government overtly and covertly conspired within its agencies to violate the constitution, facilitated the subornation of perjury by coaching witnesses to deliberately lie in court under oath, consistently denied all the accused due process and actively blocked lawyers from effectively serving the defendants in the pursuit of justice.

This wasn’t a trial. It was a farce and an attempt by the criminal regime of Yahya JAMMEH to thumb its nose at The Gambian people in particular and the wider international community who are adamant that the government fully account for its murderous conduct surrounding the peaceful events of April 14th and 16th.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and his courageous colleagues who have shed their blood to free our country from tyranny are not cowered by the threats and violence of a discredited regime. They will endure whatever comes their way in their justified pursuit of the freedom and justice they know our people deserve.

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Consequently, they ask every citizen and friend of The Gambia to not be deterred by the cruel and unjust conduct of this regime. Remain singularly focused on the fight for freedom, democracy and rule of law for its absence which is not lost on any Gambia is a mortal threat to the welfare of all and sundry.
Let us stand together and fight for the very life of ur country to forestall large scale conflict that unchecked oppression eventually leads to. Do not be distracted or feel helpless in this long, difficult and necessary battle.

Tyrants have always succumbed to the will of a determined people and our Gambia is unlikely to be an exception to this universal truth. Do not be distraught . Stay strong, stay united in purpose and do not deviate from battle for freedom.

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