Monday, April 22, 2024

President Sall calls on Senegalese to embrace “Senegalese collective identity”

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Senegal President Macky Sall has called on Senegalese to embrace social and democratic values which he said are essential in the development of the country.

“Now the essential issue for me is that our dear Senegal, this country that I love, that you love, keeps the head towards emergence in the path of action, peace, stability, respect for law, public order, national unity and social cohesion,” he wrote on Facebook.

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President Sall noted that it behooves everyone to embrace the country’s societal model which he said is characterized by a range of factors.

“It requires each and every one of us to adhere to our model of society based on democracy, freedom, respect for our socio-cultural values, respect for this living together that has so far known to gather us and resemble us, respect for our religions, our fraternity and our religious guides; in short, respecting our Senegalese collective identity which is anchored in the Senegalese and African socio-cultural base, but also openness in modernity,” he explained.

He reiterated that it is only by embracing such societal and governance values that the nation’s motto of “One People, One Goal, One Faith” can be realized and sustained.

In a broadcast to the nation, President Macky Sall dispelled long-existed rumour that he was going to seek a third term presidency. He clarified that he is not going to contest in next year’s presidential election.

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