Saturday, April 20, 2024

Police quickly promote Kaddy Jarju amid officer’s traffic heroics

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Police have promoted Kaddy Jarju to the rank of sergeant following her traffic direction heroics.

Photos of Corporal Jarju emerged at the weekend showing the female traffic officer directing traffic under heavy rains, prompting her huge admiration.

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Police said today on their official Facebook page, as she got promoted to the rank of sergeant: “There was a heavy downpour of rain and the road was flooded and traffic high. Corporal Jarju instead of abandoning her post, took off her shoes, pulled up her trousers to knee level and got into the flowing water and continued to give signals to vehicles with unwavering passion, diligence and dedication amidst heavy rains.

“The image of the selfless officer sparked admiration and requests by many Gambians of diverse backgrounds for the IGP to consider motivating the lady.

“This morning the Inspector General of Police Alhagi Mamour Jobe had the singular honour and pleasure of decorating Corporal Kaddy Jarju to the rank of Sergeant at his office.

“While congratulating her for the hardwork and selfless service, he used the opportunity to call on other officers to emulate such diligence and dedication to serving the public.”

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